History Versus Limits of Science: Is Solomonic Genius a Y Chromosome Phenomenon?

At least two groups of scientific thinkers or thinking scientists will frown on this article. First, those who base their atheism on reason, and secondly anti-Semitics. My plea is that both these groups – brilliant atheists and brilliant Jew haters read carefully what I have presented here and comment. There are some historic events whose explanation
defies scientific scrutiny [1]. Yet some aspects of these events can, within limits, have scientific explanations. Nobel laureate Sir Peter Medawar is one of the few original thinkers who recognize that there are limits to Science [2]. One such is origins (Ultimate questions) that are “beyond the explanatory competence of science” [2]. Medawar explains what he means by ultimate questions: “That there is indeed a limit upon science is made very likely by the existence of questions that science cannot answer and that no conceivable advance of science would empower it to answer.” [2, page 66]. Scientists can only hypothesize about origins but their theories do not change the fact that origins are historical events. The paradigm which says historical events that cannot be explained scientifically must be deemed not to have happened is contrary to Professor Medawar’s cogitations. And who am I to disagree with him?

Is Solomonic Genius a Y Chromosome Phenomenon?
History Versus Limits of Science: Is Solomonic Genius a Y Chromosome Phenomenon?

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